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Scientific Program NCS 2021

We published the preliminary scientific program of National Conference of Surgery – 2021 edition.

Dear colleagues,

Considering that we will not be able to meet face to face, but encouraged by the success of last year congress which was held online, we propose 2 main topics that we consider of great interest:

1. Gastric tumor surgery
2. Abdominal wall defects surgery


The scientific quality of the presentations will guarantee that this meeting will be a memorable event for all online attendees and the program will be designed to provide opportunities for scientific exchange between the participants.

Yours sincerely!

Traian Pătrașcu, MD, PhD
President of the National Conference of Surgery
President of the Romanian Society of Surgery

Online registration

Please express your intention for registration by sending an email to: contact@cnchirurgie.ro.

The deadline for early registration fee: May 01, 2021.


You can send your abstract by email to: contact@cnchirurgie.ro.

The deadline for sending your abstract: May 01, 2021.

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